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Reasons Why You Should Donate in the Charlotte, NC Area

Why Donate CharlotteWhy donate? This may be a question that many residents of Charlotte, NC, have asked themselves on multiple occasions, and it’s certainly a valid one. After all, if you’re going to make a contribution to charity, you want to know exactly where your donation is going, what type of cause it is supporting, and who it is helping. At National Kidney Services (NKS), we’re proud of the work that we do and we want you to know how your contribution is helping those in need.

So, if you’re wondering why you should donate to our organization in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, below are just a few of the many reasons:

  1. The proceeds from your contribution will help the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) sustain programs for kidney disease awareness and prevention. NKF offers free health screenings, informational literature, a toll-free help hotline, and a variety of other resources for at-risk individuals.
  1.  By donating to NKS, you’re supporting a local charity that employs members of the community. Our success, and the jobs of many residents in Charlotte and the surrounding areas, depends on your continued generosity.
  1. Because items are sold to local thrift stores, you’re making durable, quality goods available to people who may not have the resources to buy new clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils, and other items.

Now that you know why you should donate to our charity in Charlotte, North Carolina, we’d like to tell you how you can donate and the types of items we accept. To schedule a free donation pickup at your home or place of business, call 866-408-6464 or sign up online. You can also drop off your tax-deductible* donations at any Value Village thrift department store. NKS welcomes donations of clothes, small appliances, electronics, furniture, decorative items, antiques, books, toys, kitchen utensils, and more from residents of Charlotte, Kannapolis, Concord, Cornelius, Gastonia, and the surrounding areas.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law