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Giving Tax-Deductible* Donations in Charlotte & Beyond Is Easy With National Kidney Services

Tax Donations Charlotte, NCTax-deductible* donations in the form of used clothing and household items will go a long way in helping National Kidney Services (NKS) and the National Kidney Foundation further their efforts to prevent kidney disease, find a cure, and assist those that are already affected by this illness. To make donating as easy as possible, we’ve set up a free, convenient donation pick up service – our drivers will come right to your door, collect your contributions, and leave a tax receipt so that you can easily document the estimated value of your donations for tax purposes.

Not sure how to gather tax-deductible* donations to give to NKS? Below are a few tips for collecting items around your home, neighborhood, or office:

  • Look through your closets and drawers for clothes you haven’t worn in more than a year. Shoes and accessories also make excellent donations.
  • Check your basement, attic, and garage for small appliances, furniture, and electronics that you no longer use.
  • Toys, bicycles, and board games make excellent tax-deductible* donations. You can even spread the word in your neighborhood and inquire if anyone else has items to contribute.
  • Are your pantry and kitchen cabinets overflowing with pots, pans, dish sets, glassware, silverware, and serving utensils that you no longer use? Be charitable and donate them.
  • Ask your coworkers if they have any of the above items that they would like to donate to NKS. We will happily pick up donations from office buildings.

It’s easy to put your name on our regular donation pick up call list – simply call our charity at 866-408-6464 or fill out our online form. You can also make a donation drop off at any Value Village location in the area and obtain a tax receipt on site.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law