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Make a Tax-Deductible Donation* in Charlotte & Beyond to Help Fight Kidney Disease

Tax Donation Charlotte, NCResidents and businesses in the Charlotte area can make a tax-deductible donation* to National Kidney Services (NKS), a local organization dedicated to supporting programs for kidney disease research, early detection, and legislation. With the help of the National Kidney Foundation, we’re able to turn your donations of used clothing and household items into proceeds that will help us find a cure for this devastating illness.

There are a variety of benefits for residents and businesses that donate to NKS. Not only are you clearing clutter from your home or office and helping a worthy cause, but you’re also making a contribution that you can claim as a deduction* on your yearly tax forms. Simply contact us at 866-408-6464 or fill out our online form and an NKS driver will come to your home on a rotational 4-6 week schedule, collect your donation, and leave a tax receipt for you. You can also obtain a tax receipt by bringing your donations to any Value Village location.

When estimating the value of your tax-deductible donation*, try to remember how much you originally paid for the item and consider the item’s current condition. You can also use the online valuation guide if you’re not sure how much an item may be worth. Many donors take photos of items to use for documentation purposes, especially if the items they’re donating appreciate in value over time, such as antiques or designer label goods. We accept clothing, furniture, small appliances, electronics, housewares, decorative items, and more.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law