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Tips for Donating to Charity in Columbus, Dayton, Lancaster & Throughout Central Ohio

Donating to Charity ColumbusDonating to charity can sometimes be confusing. There are so many worthy organizations that need help – how do you know which one to choose? National Kidney Services (NKS), a Columbus-based charitable organization, is here to give you some tips on choosing a charity that you feel strongly about and that provides its donors with a variety of easy ways to donate.

Start by deciding whether you want to donate money or goods. If you aren’t in a position to make a financial contribution, but you do have a variety of used items around your house that you can donate, then this will help narrow down your charity options. When donating to charity, it’s also important to think about the following factors when deciding where to donate:

  • Where is the charity located? Many people prefer to make a donation to a charity that is located in their city or state to ensure that their contribution is helping the local community.
  • What is its mission? Choose a charity that does work you feel strongly about.
  • What items does the charity accept? Decide on an organization that accepts items you have to give, such as used clothes or household goods.
  • Are there convenient ways to make donations? A charity should make it easy and stress-free for its donors to make contributions.

If you currently live in Columbus, Dayton, Lancaster, or anywhere in the Central Ohio area, consider donating to NKS, a charity whose mission it is to help patients suffering from chronic kidney disease and increase awareness about the illness. We accept a wide variety of used items, including clothing, small furniture, small appliances, electronics, books, and decorative items. We also offer our donors free donation pick up service. To be added to our donation call list, simply contact us at 614-351-2900 or fill out our online form and a representative will contact you when donation pickups are being scheduled in your area.