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Donate to NKS in Sunbury, OH

Donate SunburyIf you are looking to donate to a charity in Sunbury, Ohio, or another nearby community, consider choosing to give to National Kidney Services (NKS). When you donate to NKS in Sunbury, you can feel good about knowing that you’re helping individuals diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. This is a serious illness that:

  • Affects more than 31 million Americans currently, with that number ever increasing as millions more are at risk for developing the condition
  • Causes an indescribable amount of stress and discomfort for the families of those affected, as well as the individuals themselves
  • Often leads to additional health complications, including weakened bones, anemia, and nerve damage
  • Can ultimately cause kidney failure and death if not detected and treated properly in time

You can donate to NKS by bringing your tax-deductible* items to any of the Ohio Thrift stores located in and around Columbus. Or, you can simply elect to join our donation pickup contact list to make donating to charity a convenient experience. When you do, we will contact you every four to six weeks and ask if you have anything to donate. If you do, we’ll stop by to pick it up; if not, we will call again in another four to six weeks.

To learn more about our charity and how you can donate to us in Sunbury, please call us today or fill out our online form to be added to our regular donation pickup contact list.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law