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Donate in Lancaster & Help Support the Fight Against Kidney Disease

Donate Lancaster OHWhen you donate in Lancaster, Ohio, your generosity can help support kidney disease awareness and prevention programs throughout the state. National Kidney Services (NKS), in conjunction with the National Kidney Foundation, is devoted to supporting programs for research, organ donation, patient advocacy, and much more. Your donations of used clothes and household items can help reduce the prevalence of this illness and improve the health of individuals statewide.

It’s easy to donate in the Lancaster area because our charitable organization offers a variety of convenient ways to make a tax-deductible* donation, including:

  • Request a standard weekday donation pickup by calling NKS at 614-351-2900 or filling out our online form.
  • Contact us to arrange an expedited pickup if you need your donations collected in one week or less, or a Saturday pickup for the unsold items from yard sales and estate sales.
  • Drop off your donations at any Ohio Thrift store near you; these local businesses have partnered with NKS to accept donations on our behalf.

You can donate to our Lancaster area charity by contributing a wide variety of items, including clothes, small furniture, small appliances, electronics, books, stuffed animals, linens, glassware, tableware, miscellaneous decorative items, and much more. To learn more about the donating process and the items we accept as donations, please feel free to contact National Kidney Services today.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law