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Donate in Grandview Heights to National Kidney Services

Donate Grandview HeightsChoosing to donate to charity in Grandview Heights, OH, can be a very rewarding experience. At National Kidney Services (NKS), we make it easy to donate by offering several convenient donation methods. Also, we accept all sorts of donations, including clothing, shoes, antiques, jewelry, electronics, toys, and more. From these donations, we generate proceeds and help support the National Kidney Foundation (NKF). This organization fights chronic kidney disease by spreading awareness about the illness, offering free health screenings for at-risk individuals, and helping those affected.

If you’re ready to donate to our charity in Grandview Heights, you can choose from any of the following methods of donation:

  • Standard weekday pickups – NKS trucks pick up charitable donations from residents of Grandview Heights and beyond, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. until dark.
  • Expedited pickups – This service is available upon request if you need to have your items picked up within one week’s time or less.
  • Saturday pickups – By request, you may arrange to have your items picked up if you have a large amount to donate, such as those left unsold from a yard sale, community sale or estate sale.
  • Donation drop-off locations – You can even drop off your charitable donations, which are tax deductible*, at any of the Ohio Thrift stores located throughout Columbus and in surrounding communities.

If you’d like to make a donation to NKS in Grandview Heights, OH, please call us at 614-351-2900 or fill out our online form to be added to our regular donation pickup contact list. One of our friendly associates will be glad to assist you throughout the donation process. You can choose to give clothes, small furniture items, home goods, electronics, and so much more.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law