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Donate to a Columbus, OH Charity & Your Contributions are Tax Deductible*

Donate Columbus, OhioNational Kidney Services (NKS) encourages you to donate to our charity in the Columbus, OH, area because you’ll not only be helping a great cause, but your contributions are also tax deductible*. We accept a wide variety of used items, including clothes, electronics, small appliances, small furniture, books, toys, tools, kitchen utensils, antiques, and much more. The proceeds generated from your contributions are donated directly to the National Kidney Foundation, which is a nonprofit health organization that establishes programs for kidney disease research, education, and prevention.

It’s easy to donate to charity in Columbus because we offer complimentary donation pickup service to all of our donors throughout Central Ohio. To donate, simply follow these steps:

  • Contact us by calling 614-351-2900 or filling out our online form to add your name to our call list for standard weekday collections. Special Saturday pickups and expedited pickups are available upon request.
  • Gather the charitable donations you wish to contribute to our kidney charity and pack them in bags or boxes that are clearly labeled with “NKS.”
  • On the evening before your scheduled pickup, put your donations outside in a dry place where they will be visible from the road. NKS drivers are not permitted to enter your home to collect donations.

You can also take advantage of our partnership with Ohio Thrift stores throughout the area by dropping your donations off at any of these locations. A tax receipt can be obtained at the stores or from the driver who collects donations from your home or business in Columbus or elsewhere in Franklin County.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law