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Schedule a Clothes Donation Pick Up at Your Home or Place of Business in Charlotte & Surrounding Areas

Clothes Donation CharlotteMake a clothes donation to National Kidney Services (NKS) and you’ll join thousands of other generous donors throughout Charlotte and surrounding areas who are helping us fight kidney disease. Your contributions of used clothing and household items benefit the National Kidney Foundation, a nonprofit health organization devoted to increasing awareness about this illness, helping patients and their families, and supporting research so that, one day, there will be a cure.

It can be fun to encourage friends, family, and co-workers to gather clothes for NKS:

  • Organize a clothing swap with your friends. Everyone brings clothes they no longer want and trades for used apparel that they feel they might get some use out of. Clothes that are untraded at the end of the swap can be donated to NKS.
  • Ask your coworkers to bring in their unwanted men’s, women’s, or children’s clothing from home. Designate a bin in the lunch room for people to put their donations. NKS will gladly come to your place of business to pick up clothes donations.
  • Hold a small contest at home by telling each member of your family to go into his or closet and find clothes that no longer fit or that they haven’t worn in more than a year. Give a small prize to the person who donates the most clothes.

Schedule a complimentary clothes donation pick up by calling 704-393-5780 or filling out our online form. Once your name and phone number are added to the regular NKS donation call list, we will contact you every four to six weeks when donation pickups are being scheduled in your area. You can also make a donation drop off at any Value Village store near you.