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Make a Donation in Lancaster, OH & Clear Clutter from Your Home or Business

Charity Lancaster, OHWhether you’re spring cleaning, moving, or getting ready to host an event, you likely have a lot of clutter that you’d love to get rid of. As you come across those old books, toys, clothes, or other items that you no longer want, consider donating them to National Kidney Services (NKS). We are a local charity in the Lancaster, OH, area that offers free donation pickup service at houses, apartments, offices, schools, churches, community centers, and a variety of other locations.

Your generous donation to our charity in the Lancaster, Ohio area will help us generate proceeds that go directly to the National Kidney Foundation. This organization establishes programs aimed at reducing the prevalence of chronic kidney disease throughout the nation, including the:

  • KEEP® health screening program for kidney disease prevention
  • “END THE WAIT!”program, which educates people about the importance of organ donation
  • “Love Your Kidneys” public education campaign

Whether your business has overstock inventory, your attic is teeming with old stuffed animals, or you and your neighbors have boxes of unsold items after your annual community sale, NKS can help. To request a free donation pick up, simply call 614-351-2900 or sign up online to add your name to our regular call list. You can also bring your donations to any Ohio Thrift store in Central Ohio that has partnered with NKS to accept donations on our behalf.